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Visitor Visa

VISITOR VISA – SUBCLASS 600, 602, 405, 416 and 771.

Visitor visa can be broadly divided into following categories:

  • For only visit that may include vacationing, recreational activities, visiting an Australian resident family member, medical treatment etc.
  • For business activities that may include making general business or government enquiries, business negotiations, government visits, attending conferences, seminars, job interviews or professional examinations.
  • Apart from these there are some other special categories for visitor visas too.

OzAsia Immigration is there for you if you want to visit Australia for any of these reasons or something other than these. Each of these visas have different requirements and eligibility criterion. OzAsia Immigration will help you with the processing of all of these visas as per your requirement.

Since, visitor visa is a general and broader term; it requires tremendous experience of immigration process and laws to match the exact type of visitor visa corresponding to your requirements.

Some of the basic requirements are:

  • Health check-ups
  • Financial documentations
  • Character certifications
  • Insurance
  • Providing accommodation on chargeable basis

Contact OzAsia Immigration now if you want to apply for a Tourist Visa or any other Visitor Visa mentioned above.


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