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Citizenship application can be quite lengthy and challenging sometimes. We at OzAsia Immigration check your eligibility for Citizenship and can apply it for you. Contact us today if you think you are eligible for Australian Citizenship.

Health Insurance

Australian government encourages all those who visit or intend to stay for longer periods in Australia to apply for health insurance to meet their healthcare requirements. Most importantly when you come as a student, it is mandatory to get a health insurance cover from an Australian health insurance provider. There are numerous private health websites which can provide you a various health packages, so you can decide which one meets your requirement.

If you have difficulity in choosing the appropriate health insurance, OzAsia Immigration can help you find the best and affordable health insurance package.

Professional Year

Mainly called the job preparation program, Professional Year focuses on structured career development to enhance the abilities of Engineering / IT / Accounting students to obtain employment which is much suitable for their abilities. It’s always a process to get nurtured for any individual to get into a good organization or a company in Australia. So, before you step forward to get into a desired profession in the real world, why not grab some proficiency when it comes to your skills!

The Professional Year is famous for the level of superiority it provides to all the international students, especially IT Graduates, Engineering Graduates and Accounting Graduates for their upcoming endeavors, in whichever profile they are willing to opt for and in whatever profile they find themselves to be suitable in.

With an overall program duration of 44 weeks, 12 weeks are of internship wherein the student is tuned-up in a way that he/she cope up with the environment of the workplace. The period of internship extensively improves the level of communication that any student possesses.